nakid desin

International fashion model Rebecca Victoria spent many years travelling the globe as a model - London, New York, Cape Town and Miami… She got to know a lot of people, culture  and she was discovering loads of great new styles…

After all the years of globetrotting, her love for fashion and nature mixed. Rebecca created  the very special brand nakid desin, which started off in awesome New York City before coming back home to Munich in Germany.

nakid desin is mainly “green Couture” (environmentally friendly clothes), since many pieces are recycled products.  Rebecca and her mother Sissi work together to individually create every single design and piece with love and care - you just know none of these were mass produced - each piece is handmade out of the best possible materials you could find!  And you can always, always be sure that absolutely no one else has the same piece ’cause every single piece is unique!

nakid desin (pronounced naked design) is all about individuality, style, colour and comfort. Dare to be stylish, dare to be colorful, spoil yourself with comfort  and dress eco-friendly  -  wear nakid!